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CreekCraft is a Minecraft community that was previously running for over two years, but unfortunately we closed our doors. Less than a year later, CreekCraft is back online! Our goal at CreekCraft is to make Minecraft fun and enjoyable. Our server is set on *HARD* mode.

The more you play on our server the more we reward you! We have created various tiers that players are automatically placed into when they hit the requirement. Players will start out with the default tier and work up to Tier III. You can find more information about our tier system below.


Tier I

  • Playtime: 12 hours
  • //wand for measurements
  • Able to build a PhysicalShop
  • Able to use /me, /hat, and /craft
  • Backpack size increased to 27 slots
  • Able to set up to 5 homes
Tier II

  • Playtime: 36 hours
  • Able to use /ext
  • Able to set up to 10 homes
  • Able to use colors on signs
  • mcMMO cooldowns will now be reduced by a quarter
  • mcMMO abilities last 4 seconds longer
Tier III

  • Playtime: 72 hours
  • Able to set up to 25 homes
  • Able to use colors in chat
  • mcMMO cooldowns reduced by a third
  • mcMMO abilities last 8s longer

  • $5.00 Per Month
  • Unlimited homes!
  • mcMMO cooldowns cut in half again
  • mcMMO abilities last 12s longer
  • Hungry? Use /feed!
  • View more awesome perks!

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